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Imperial County Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary membership organization whose purpose is to protect and promote agricultural interests in Imperial County as well as the state and nation, through public relations, education and advocacy in order to suport the economic advancement of agriculture balanced with appropriate management of natural resources.

Imperial County Farm Bureau is part of the California Farm Bureau Federation, which is composed of 53 county Farm Bureaus representing a total of about 85,000 members throughout the state. Farm Bureau strives to protect and improve the abilities of farmers and ranchers to provide a safe and reliable supply of food and fiber through responsible stewardship of our natural resources.


Imperial County Farm Bureau is governed by a 30-member Board of Directors, who meet monthly to discuss issues that are facing the agriculture community and to develop policies and recommendations at the local level. We encourage Farm Bureau members to contact Farm Bureau staff or board members if you have any issues or concerns that your local Farm Bureau should be aware of.

Beyond the reaches of our county, representatives from Imperial County Farm Bureau participate at the state level in many ways, including Commodity Advisory Committees, where growers from throughout the state representing particular segments of the industry (aquaculture, wheat & feed grains, animal health & welfare, etc.) discuss issues and make policy recommendations to the state Farm Bureau.

The policies and programs of Farm Bureau are developed from grassroots recommendations originating at the community level. From these recommendations, tentative policy resolutions are prepared and submitted to the state Farm Bureau's House of Delegates for action at its annual meeting, where Imperial County Farm Bureau representatives participate as delegates each December.